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Monday, December 10, 2012

November 2012

Hello all faithful customers, as we approach the last month of the year and the Holiday Season is upon us we want to be grateful for the year that we have had and look forward to 2013.  Villa is in its twentieth year in business and already ten years at the Lake Elsinore location.

 Throughout this year Villa has picked up many Distributors and manufactured many new product lines as well.  We are consistently upgrading the manufacturing of our root barrier lines.

 As we come into our twentieth year we look back at the struggles and successes that have come our way and would not have it any other way.  This coming year Villa plans to expand into new fields & ventures with new lines and partners, so keep your eyes open to what we will be offering to keep the Customers, Architects and Cities pleased with Villa we know the competition will not be pleased.  Villa is a company that promotes a positive environment with the people that we work with.  We are not out there to speak negatively about other’s products, make videos of false claims and trouble Contractors, Cities or Customers when we lose a bid.  Always ask yourself would you rather work with a Company that provides superior service and, products or a Company that shows up on job sites (where they’ve lost the bid for the work) to hassle Contractors and Architects by saying the wrong material is being used simply because it is not their own material!

 Here are some of the projects and material that went out this month.  Villa shipped to Boulder Colorado 12” x 20’ ethylene rolls, also up to Northern California went 1500 feet of the 12” and 7000 feet of the 24” ethylene rolls.  Out to Valencia was shipped another 1200 feet of 18” x 20’ ethylene rolls. The project in Azusa continues on as we have shipped over 7000 feet of 18” rolls.  The Moreno Valley job has kept going with another 100 rolls of 24” x 20’, and to Concord another 90 of the ethylene roll.  Villa shipped 50 rolls the 12” x 20 VSR roll to Florida.  To several of our Irrigation Suppliers over 350 rolls of 18” x20’ as well as 150 rolls of 24” x 20’ styrene product was shipped.  As for the panels they have been shipped to numerous locations in all sizes totaling over 6000 pieces.


Till next month thank you Guy Charlebois

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