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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Update For September

     Once again we see the competition is out and about with their false claims.  Century Products has sold styrene material from the eighties until about five years ago, and now claim that styrene is an inferior material.  They are showing up at job sites & cities saying that styrene doesn’t work.  To me this means that they have been selling a non-working product for all of those years. 


     Villa Root Barrier has the most complete line of root barrier in this industry.  Villa has a one foot and a two foot panel that can be cut to whatever depth is needed - no limitations.  Villa has a vacuum formed polyethylene roll that has a true ninety degree rib that measures three quarters of an inch high, and includes ground stabilizers.  Villa also still carries and stands behind the polystyrene roll which many contractors and field people still prefer.  Lastly, Villa carries complete lines of tree staking materials of all sizes.


     It never ceases to amaze me that after 20 years of Villa being in business our competition continually ‘cries foul’.  We are not here to ‘sling mud’ & discredit our competitors as they do. I would think twice about whom you do business with, and who might show up on your job site to cause trouble; it won’t be us - I promise you that!


Top three reasons to choose Villa:


Most complete line of approved & accepted root barriers

Service that is second to none

Integrity of the Company

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monthly Update

Hello faithful customers!  Well, September is here already and was August a hot & busy month!  Through all my years I must say the weather this year has been far from normal and as for business I would have to say the same, even though sales have been steady.  Yumi has continued to promote and pick up new customers in the bamboo barrier industry, and Villa has the resources to provide the growers & distributors with all sizes of the rhizome barrier.  Thank you to all!

 Let’s look at some root barrier projects out in Riverside: we continue to ship the 18”x24” Villa panels to a High School project, going out to New Jersey were more 18 x 24” root barrier panels, over 2,500 pieces of 24”x24” Villa panel & 4000 feet of 30”x20 mil moisture barrier were delivered to a project in Anaheim, and lastly a hotel project in Los Angles continues on with more 24”x 24” root barrier panels by Villa.

 A new, large job in Fontana is using Villa’s ethylene rolls.   (150 pieces of 18”x20’ and 230 rolls of the 24”x20’ have been delivered to this project thus far.)  The convention center project continues on with more 36”x20’ Villa styrene rolls.  A major housing project in Oceanside has taken off using 48”x20’, 24”x20’, & 18”x20 styrene rolls.

 The Villa wind tie is a hit and we have been shipping it all over!   The wind tie is a spring-loaded tree tie that allows the tree to flow with the wind without causing a harmful girdling effect on the tree, itself.

 Once again we had another great month for bio barrier in all sizes (in-state and out of state)!   A major project in Murrieta continues on with more 24”x100’ as does the Camp Pendleton project.  Both Camp Pendleton and the project in Murrietta have used over 5,000’ of bio barrier each.  A new project in San Diego started off with 1,000’ of our 19”x100’ root barrier; and of course lodge poles, Villa tree ties, and Villa tree guards.

 We are seeing a lot of North American Green C350, S150, and C125 products going out the doors, as well.

Please remember to check with one of Villa’s sales staff before your next order from the Irrigation houses.   We will save you money and our service is second to none!

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