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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Well 2011 came to a end and we are off and running. Through 2011 Villa picked up some real solid distributors that have helped us reach all over the United States with streched arms. We will update on where to purchase our materials throughout the US, as updating on current & future projects & products.

Once again Villa Root Barrier wants to impress the durability of polystyrene material in our pre-cut and lineal root barrier lines. Polystyrene has been used for close to 30 years and is still going strong to this day. We just find it amusing how one of the people who brought this root barrier into the industry now is claiming its inferior & don't work after promoting a product for for 25 years. The root barrier lines Villa manufacturers meets and exceeds all required specifications on rib height & distance between ribs, thickness and type of material. Being the manufacturer we are not limited, we can and will make what the City or the landscape arhitects want you to use, no restrictions to lengths, depths and thickness or types of material.

We had some very large projects go out of state last month. There was a Texas project that used 424 rolls of 48" x 20' lineal polystyrene and yes they were happy with the product & service. Also 2 different projects in South Carolina one was a highway projects that we have send 700 rolls of 24" x 20' already to and still 600 more of 36" x 20' to go. The other one is a cemetary that is using 210 rolls of 18" x 20' and another 210 to go in the next week or so. We will be getting pictures on the website as well of these projects. Just to let you know all the material that was furnished was made from polystyrene. Villa stands behind polystyrene/polyethlene and polyproplene and all the materials we manufacture. If you're looking for quality, honesty, integrity look to Villa Root Barrier for all your tree planting, grass pave & erosion control needs.

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