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Monday, June 11, 2012

Monthly Update


Again wow into the 6th month of 2012 and its off and running.  Villa recently picked up Distributorship for North American Green.  Another great product that Villa has added to its product line.  Here are a few others Villa is working with: Invisible Structures, American Drainage Systems, Fiberweb, Pemloc, VIT and of course manufacturers of lumber for lodge poles.  We are still selling tree ties, Mirafi, Excelsior there are just to many others to continue.

Lets go to some of the sales Villa has had in the past month for root barrier products manufactured by Villa.  A streetscape project in Playa Vista usied the Villa ethylene root barrier roll approx 1500 lineal feet.  A project for an apartment complex used the 18" x 20' Villa Vacuum formed roll.   A street project used pre-cut root barrier sections.  Another School used over 1000 lineal feet of Villa 24" x 20' styrene rolls.  A Community Park used another 1500' of the 24" x 20' Villa styrene root barrier. 

A Lake Forest project has been great over 10,000 of 18" x 24" Villa root barrier panels along with an additional 2000' of 36" panels.  A Temecula Hospital used 1000 pieces of the Villa dual purpose 24" x 24" root barrier panel.  These are just a few to mention.

As far as grasspave and gravelpave the County Opps project in San Diego used 6928 sq ft of grasspave.  A private residence in Hidden Hills used 2000 sq ft, Azahar Place Apartment in Ventura 2100 sq ft., Ascension Church in San DIego 2600 sq ft and the grand finale for Riverview Park the job a rebid 4 times over the past 4 years and we finally got the material being put down 20,000 with another 5000 sq ft to go.   Colored gravelpave we had a nice one the Verano Project 14,700 sq ft also there was approximately 5000 sq ft of grasspave also.  The H2O project in Oxnard needed another 1000 sq ft of gravelpave as well.  As for black gravepave 5700 sq ft Vista Del Mar School in San Diego as well as a couple small home owner project.

Till next time thank you for your support.

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