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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anaheim Canyon Metrolink

Well after several months of the competition hounding the City of Anaheim, Star Landscape & GMC Engineering, the City has told the competition to stop the harassment. For 3 months now the competition has been to City counsel meetings, taken video’s and continued to make false claims against numerous people and Villa Root Barrier. One of the funny things is that competition is claiming the first products they installed were inferior products which is what they introduced into the industry in the 80’s. Now the competition is saying it doesn't work wow should we go back to every City, Landscaper & General Contractor & Architect and show them the original spec’s and this new video barrage he has made? This product was approved until the root barrier sheriff ranted and complained.

Then they accepted the Villa root barrier panel, so twice now the competition has lost the sale. Then the competition went to the Anaheim City counsel meeting, please if you have time to waste view minute 34 on 1/24/2012 date of voicing his opinion. Now after 20 years of Villa being in business and manufacturing the most diverse line of root barriers in the industry, 4 law suits from a competitor, we continue to grow stronger.

The City has approved & stated to the Contractor & the competition, Villa’s root barrier panel’s meet all the required spec’s that is needed for the MTA Project City of Anaheim. Please view the pictures of installation. This is not the first time that a sore looser continues to complain & discriminate competitor’s products. We will be listings numerous jobs of completion on the next blog.

Please look to Villa Root Barrier for all your tree planting & erosion control needs.

Thanks again

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