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Friday, October 25, 2013

We Love To Compete

In over 20 years in the Landscape Industry, a lot of hard work, learning from successes and mistakes, the economic downturns, we at Villa Landscape Products love this industry. We face the same challenges our valued customers face every day.  We all beat the bushes daily for opportunities, scour over bids, wine and dine our clients, provide a fair price, all in hopes of the opportunity to provide our services. If we are lucky enough, we sign a contract, purchase materials, schedule labor, and complete the job hoping it all goes as planned. If it all falls into place we send off our billings, and then the long wait to be paid. This is our business, it may not be the toughest business, but it is challenging, and the competition is fierce.

We love Competition, it drives us to be a little better every day. It’s a pride in better products, lower prices, same day deliveries, day after day. You name it, if it makes us a better supplier to our customers “We are in”. We welcome good old head to head competition, above board, our product, our service, our Villa way of business. Bring it on, and they do, we have Deep Root, Root Solutions, NDS to name a few, and we go at it hard, but fair. We win some, and ship an order, and they win some, yes we hate to lose, and work hard to get the next one. Fair and healthy competition, again we are in.

Have to share with you the latest sales tactics from another vendor, won’t tarnish the word competitor, because we respect the above board competition. Stooping to a new low this vendor has used our name in a phony web site, posing as a “consumer advocate” to protect the taxpayer. While filled with slanderous misstatements, laughable misspellings, and void of facts, still just blown away at the depths some people will go. While I am sure he has lost plenty of jobs to us and others, how about just working harder on your prices, hustle for your customers, maybe buy them a bottle of wine once in a while. We could spend a ton of time and energy pointing out the fact the thier panel is smaller than the 2’ they claim, or doesn’t meet the 90 degree rib spec, the numerous law suit after law suit etc.

 At Villa Landscape Products we focus first on our customers, delivering quality products, at great value daily.  This is our formula for success, proven for over 20 years, dedicated to being a small part of our customer’s successes. We take great pride in every one of our over 300 customers in California alone, we have 4 of the country’s largest firms who have been with us from our beginning.

               Can we do it better than our competition? Yes we can, and embrace the challenge! Please contact us for more product information, price quotes, or an occasional same day delivery to help you out of a jam. That’s how we get after it every day!  WE COMPETE

               We greatly appreciate your comments and any suggestions to help us better serve our customers. For now, we will let that vendor play in the mud,” the only thing we want in the dirt, is our Villa Root Barrier products. Let’s get after it”

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