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Monday, November 5, 2012

October News

Hello, faithful customers and architects once again we say thank you for your continued support and approval of Villa’s root barrier & the product lines we supply.

The year has went by in the blink of an eye, we are seeing ground being broken & projects being awarded faster this year then the last four and we are grateful.   2012 has continued to be a struggle with companies falling by the way side, costs of materials on the rise and the constant struggle to make it through another month.  But we still have the doors open and orders going out because of you.

Here are some of the products that have gone out to your job sites this month.  The ethylene roll has continued to flow out the doors at a rapid pace.  This month there was over 600 rolls of 18” x 20’ spread out through numerous job sites.   Over 500 rolls of the  24” x 20’ ethylene rolls went to projects in Moreno Valley, Los Angeles, Indio, Upland and Burbank just to name a few.

As for grass & gravel pave project here are a few Azaher Place Apartments used another 2000 square feet, a project in Perris put down 3500 square feet, High Place Apartments used 2500 square feet.  These are just a few of the grasspave jobs and some large ones are in the horizon for the upcoming months.  As for the gravelpave some tan gravelpave went to Rancho Santa Fe, the Harbor Storage also used approximately 4000 square feet of black.

Here are few of the Villa dual purpose panel projects 2000 pieces of 18 x 24 over to Newport Beach.  A Menifee job used another 1500 pieces of 18 x 24 and 24 x 24.  San Bernardino got 400 pieces and more to go on the 24” panel.  600 pieces went to a job in Carlsbad, 500 pieces to a hospital in Carson.  Some projects in Anaheim received 500 pieces of 24 x 24 and 300 pieces of 36 x 24.

These were a few of the jobs and materials that were sold in October, but remember we have a complete line of erosion control products, steel & aluminum edging and all your tree planting supplies.


Till next time thanks again.


Guy Charlebois

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