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Monday, December 5, 2011

Wow sorry we have not gotten back with you on updated root barrier & grass & gravel pave projects. We have alot to tell you about whats been going on with the manufactured root control barrier by VIlla and the grass & gravel pave products by Invisible Structures.

Lets get started with the projects that have been going on across the US. Over in Menifee at the Shop's Villa lineal root barrier was used in numerous applications for tree root protection. In Palm Springs at the USD Opps Center 18" x 20' rolled root barrier made of polystyrene have continued to be used on all the new tree planting. Brea at the Sports Park the precut polystyrene 18" x 120" root barrier has went in.

As for some of the Villa Root barrier panels we have shipped over 2000 pieces of 18" x 24" to Washington, also the Winchester streetscape project in Temecula is using the 18" x 24" Villa panel as well. The Enclave in Corona is still moving along with KB Homes, this proect has been going now for over a year and thousand of root barrier panels have been installed.

As for bio barrier Gateway Plaza is using 19" x 100', Morgan Hill project Parks & Corriddor is a on going project using both 19" & 29" x 100'. Bio barrie has been a product that VIlla has been selling for years, please check with us before your next purchase.

Now for the grass pave product that Villa distributes for ISI what a month for this material. Point Loma has continued with the headstone markers. The Windset Farms project in Santa Maria is wraping up and wasn't nearly the size it started to be. But another great job the Navy Lodge in Coranada used approximately 20,000 sq. ft. of grass pave. Vintage at Snowberry in Riverside used about 3000 sq. ft. These are just a few of the grass pave projects, if you need information or samples on this material let Villa know.

The H2O Oxnard project is starting to install the gravel pave they ordered, this was a project with several different colors tan, grey & terra cotta. Another project using tan gravel pave was the CSUN Student Recreation in Northridge. In Pacific Palisades 2000 sq. ft of grey gravel pave was installed.

Until next time, thanks for your support.

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