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Thursday, September 1, 2011

As we approach the last quarter of the year we are glad to see that construction & building is beginning to pickup. There has been some great projects on all the materials we manufacture & distribute. Here are a few of them. The Kaiser Hospital in Anaheim has installed another 4000 sq. ft. of tan gravelpave, then there was 1000 sq. ft. of black gravelpave for City of Pasadena.

As for the grasspave we have installations going all over Southern California. The DT's in Glendale 2300 sq. ft. Waldorf School in Costa Mesa used 2500 sq. ft. 5700 sq. ft. for the St. Elizebeth Church in Carlsbad and finally the Windset Farms project is a go but has been reduced from the original 60,000 sq. ft. to about 10,000. Will get some pictures soon.

The Villa Ethylene rolled root barrier has been received with praise on the quality workmanship compared to competitors. This rolled material is a true 3/4" 90 degree rib with the landlocks attached to rib and a top safety lip. Culver Blvd. in Los Angeles 2000 lineal feet, the El Greco building in Santa Fe Springs the Villa ethylene rolled root barrier is being used.

As for the styrenerolled root barrier material the Cabrillo marina used another 135 rolls of 24" x 20'. This was a project with over 10,000 lineal feet. The Walmart in Oxnard was another nice job using polystrene root barrier approximately 4000 lineal feet. Another 150 rolls out to the Vallarta Shopping Center.

Well I will sign off now and once again want to say thank you for all your support to Villa Landscape Products.

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