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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February 2011

First of all Villa would like to say thank you!!!! Because of our faithful customers Villa is still here today & growing. We made it through the worst recession most of us will ever see in a life time and without you & your support we wouldn't be here.

February was a productive month. In the final tooling for the Villa Vacuum formed ethylene root barrier roll and we believe that when this hits the market the root barrier industry is in for some great advances in new design. As always root barriers are a major part of tree planting and Villa Root Barrier has the most complete line of root barriers in the industry and has been manufacturing for 20 years now.

Fiberweb has become a product line for Villa and we are licensed to sell bio barrier. Bio barrier is a fabric root barrier with trifluralin release to repel roots away from hardscapes & sewer lines. Villa has sold bio barrier for over 15 years and is glad to be part of the Fiberweb family of distributors. Remember if your looking for root barrier Villa has what you are looking for. Villa root barrier rolls both polyethylene and polystyrene, the Villa dual purpose panels made of polyethylene at a .085 thickness, male/female connectors. Also we can manufacture specific sizes requested.

The grasspave products manufactured from ISI continue to fly out the door. Here are a few of the job's that sold this month. The Jeffrey road grade separation was finally a go and that was 8800 sq. feet of grasspave2 installed, as well as several custom residential homes.

Please remember when you are looking for quality, service and price there is one place that can do it all for you Villa Root Barrier

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