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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Villa Root Barriers In High Demand

For close to 20 years Villa has been manufacturing root barriers of all types. Root barriers continue to be spec'd from one end of the states to the other. Villa root barriers continue to be spec'd and used in many different area's & types of planting. Root barriers must have a 90 degree rib 1/2 - 3/4 from surface. Make sure it's root barriers you are using not moisture barrier, or some of the new products out there with a bump as a rib. That is not a 90 degree root diverting rib.

Listed below are just a few different kind of jobs this month that Villa root barrier was chosen to be used by top rated contractors. Looking forward to coming months.

Medical Center - Ventura 24" x 20' Villa rolled root barrier
Shopping Center - Oxnard 18" x 20' Villa rolled root barrier
Housing Projects - Rancho Mirage 18" x 24" Villa root barrier panel

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