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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Current News

The expansion continues! Happy to announce we are close to introducing our new product lines as testing is complete. We are refining the manufacturing on the new products and are excited about the additions. There has been a great growth in new projects in the Western states and our expansion into the entire country has been well received. Opening up new distribution channels has been a long term goal and we are excited about the new partnerships. We have also dipped into the retail market after a lot of research and trial and error with our panel in a bag line. This product is for homeowners, available in retail stores after a great run on our web site.

We have added additional sales staff, more to the warehouse and delivery team as well.

The additional product lines, and our goal to have the products our customers need, available on demand, has us on the search for a larger building or a new branch. Stay tuned!

Please remember our sales and marketing staff are in the field providing presentations to architects, municipalities and contractors. Give us a call any time if we can be of help in the submittal and approval process.

Here are a few of the items and quantities successfully shipped and installed throughout Southern California.   Grasspave2 and Gravelpave by ISI continues to fly out the door; there has been over 14,000 square feet supplied, along with over 8000 square feet of gravelpave2.  As for the 24” Villa polyethylene roll, we have shipped out to a variety of projects totaling 46,000 lineal feet, and slightly less of our 18” size roll.  As always the Villa dual purpose 24” x 24” panels are our best mover with 67,242 lineal feet. There has also been a growing demand for our 36” x 24” as well.

Please contact Villa for a Dealer nearby stocking Villa ethylene rolls and our popular root barrier panels. Don’t be fooled by the competition, our panels are a true 24” and can be manufactures at any length desired.

We are again always grateful to our longstanding customers, after 20 years we continue to pride ourselves on our quality products and second to none service.

Thanks again the Villa staff.

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