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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Wow almost the end of March and this has been one of the roughest year since the recession started. Everybody is saying its coming so our hopes are up. Inventory is stock piled and here waiting for the flood gates to open so let’s give you some of the recent jobs and material that have been being used.

Bio barrier has continued to be used mostly in the San Diego area with 19" x 100' being used in La Mesa at the Comercia Bank job. The Morgan Hill Corridor project, thousands of feet have been used as well as lodge poles, tree ties & filter fabric. Another 1000' of the 39" used on the John Hopkins Court project in San Diego.

As for grasspave and gravelpave some the grasspave projects are The Civila Circa apartments, the UCI Verono project in Irvine 3031 square feet and there is 15,000 feet of gravelpave on its way as well. The Oxnard Learning Center has approximately 1300 square feet and then the UCSD Medical project used approximately 5000 square feet of grasspave as well. Then the Laughlin Trails Park used 3700 sq feet of black gravelpave, Oceanside Harbor Storage used
approximately the same square footage, some tan gravelpave was used in Montecito.

All Villa's root barrier lines have been used this month. We have over 1000' of the Villa polyethylene vacuum formed rolled going to La Puente the St. Anthony Community Center, another 50 rolls out to our distributor in Bakersfield. The Canyon Hills Community Park and CSULB used 100 rolls made from polyethylene.

The Villa root barrier panels that are a true 24" wide panel not 1' sections put together are used in numerous projects throughout Irvine, Fresno, San Diego, Del Mar, Anaheim, Washington & Utah totaling over 6000 pieces of 18" x 24" root barrier panels.

Well I've listed a few things and hope there is a lot more to report on our next update. Please remember Villa Root Barrier is a manufacturer of root control barriers and has been doing so for 20 years. Villa deals with the largest landscapers and developers throughout the US, as well as providing ISI grass & gravelpave products. We also care a wide range of erosion control, steel & aluminum edging & products for tree planting

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