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Friday, March 23, 2012

Villa Root Barrier manufactures the most complete line of root barrier in the industry. When you are specifying or purchasing root barrier please make sure what you spec is being installed. There are a lot of manufacturers out there selling 1’ panel in place of a true 24” panel. This means more connections, loss of strength and false statements. Some manufacturers make an injection molded panel and I give that all the praise it deserves, but it comes no larger than a
24” anything larger than that in extruded!!!! And that is what Villa Root Barrier has been manufacturing for a long time. But now please be wise to what has happened to this industry which started over 40 years ago with Deep Root. The industry then opened up to many different take off’s from sheet material with polystyrene to the 1’ extruded panel to rolled and vacuum formed polyethylene rolls. Villa has rolled with all the changes and made the most diverse root barrier line in this industry as well as rhizome/moisture barrier/porous paving products from ISI and a complete line of erosion control, steel & aluminum edging products. If you want facts, truth & proven products look to Villa Root Barrier.

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