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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Happy New Year to you all & thank you for all the support you provided Villa throughout 2012.  Because of you we’re here to provide the quality products & service that you have been accustomed to now for twenty years.

December flew by as well as 2012, we picked up many new Customers as well as additional Distributors. We have added Product Lines throughout the year and we’re looking to continue on the same track for the coming year.  As always remember that Villa has been manufacturing its own root barrier product lines for twenty years without a complaint except from our competition.

We manufacture polyethylene root barrier rolls, polystyrene rolls & pre-cuts as well as a true two foot polyethylene panel and a one foot panel as well.  Some of the manufacturers we represent & distribute product lines for are Invisible Structures, North American Green, Mirafi, Belton Industries, Wonder Tree Ties, Perma-Lock, Dura Edge, VIT plus many others. If you are looking for a product give Villa a call and we will find the products you are looking for at cost saving prices.

Let’s have a look at some of the products that shipped out in December.  12” x 24” polyethylene root barrier panel as seemed to have become a big seller in December.  Over 6000 pieces of the 24” x 24” panel were shipped out of state, a good portion of that going to Las Vegas.  A car dealership in San Diego area used 600 pieces, plus a hospital project in LA used 400 pieces of the 24” X 24” panel.  The Menifee project has continued on using the 18” x 24” panel, this project has been ongoing and used over 1500 pieces so far.

A 150 pieces of the 18” x 20’ ethylene roll is being used in a shopping center in Lake Elsinore.  50 rolls were shipped to Garden Grove.  A project in Brea called for 200 rolls of 24” x 20’ and 8000 square feet of grasspave with more to be shipped.  A bridge replacement project in Santa Ana used the 24” x 20’ Villa Vacuum formed rolls.

As for grasspave from ISI it was a great month with approximately 20,000 square feet out the door.  Grasspave was installed at the ACC Grand project, more was shipped to the project in Thousand Oaks making that approximately 5000 square feet used.  The Rivera Hotel received 3500 square feet another, 2300 square feet went to a project in Orange.  Here are a few of the other items that went out in December: lodge poles, bio barrier, tree ties, steel edging, filter fabric and much more.

Thanks to you our faithful customers and Happy New Years.


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